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'Subscription Box' Program

--1-- Order a shampoo/conditioner combo today.  (If you don't love it, ask for a full refund anytime in the next 6 weeks.)

--2-- If you love it (you will!), we'll ship you the same shampoo/conditioner combo every 2 months.  (And charge your card the same price every 2 months. No surprises.)

--3-- Cancel anytime by phone or email.


"I just tried the shampoo and conditioner bars and I LOVE them! I used the blue shampoo bar because my hair is dry and it was so creamy and moisturizing. I literally felt my hair soaking up all those natural ingredients. And the conditioner added just the right amount of softness without being heavy or greasy at all. My hair is soft and shiny and had no tangles when I brushed it out! I've experimented with a lot of hair products trying to find the right match for my hair in this sun and sea air but everything else has been disappointing and left my hair either tangled, frizzy or yellow. These Luv Earth bars are amazing - great for my hair and loving for the planet too!" -Karen W

"I have been in the process of switching all products that I use to ones that only use natural ingredients that are good for me and the planet.  When I stumbled onto Luv Earth I loved their name and what they stood for, so I tried their shampoo and conditioner bar for normal to dry hair.  And I could not be happier with these bars!  The shampoo bar has such a rich lather that left my hair feeling clean and healthy.  And the conditioner bar is awesome.  I could so easily brush out my hair and it was all soft and shiny.  (And no plastic)  Thanks Luv Earth!" -Camille W

"I have been on the search for high quality shampoo and conditioner bars with natural ingredients. I have long curly hair and finding a shampoo bar that has great lather and a conditioner bar to get the snarls out of my hair has not been easy.  But the Luv Earth shampoo and conditioner bars have exceeded all my expectations.  Love how they feel and smell and how easy they are to work with my hair.  I am very happy with how my hair looks and feels." -Natalie B

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