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It's amazing how your life can start on a whole new path with one simple conversation!

That's how Luv Earth was born - with my niece Colleen and I talking about all the ingredients in beauty products that are harmful to individuals and the environment.

Our health and the health of our plant is really important to us so we made the commitment to change to all natural products.  But were to start...

We dug in researching  products and ingredients and discovered there is a lot of confusing information out there.  And we purchased a lot of products to try and discovered most were not great.

We weren't discouraged - instead we were determined.   So much so that we decided to create our own products that matched our personal values and our "Eco Values." We chose to start with shampoo & conditioner bars because we could eliminate both harmful ingredients and plastic!

First, we took classes and got a diploma in Natural Hair Care. Next, we set out to create our own hair care formulas that contained only natural ingredients that are good for us with no weird harmful chemicals. (we came up with a list of HUNDREDS of commonly used questionable ingredients to AVOID!)

It was challenging but after two years of experimentation, we did it! We created our own unique, high quality formulas using THE BEST Natural Ingredients that are good for us, keep our hair looking fantastic, and are good for our beautiful planet.

During this 2 year process my niece and I kept joking with the catch phrase “FREE YOUR HAIR”! It was a joke, but we later realized it also had a deep meaning for us.

Because in the end that's exactly what we did! We freed our hair from harmful ingredients and our planet from single-use plastic! Now, “FREE YOUR HAIR” has become an empowering motto to us that we want to share with the world!  

So join us! And “FREE YOUR HAIR”!

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